Month: July 2019

  • Top Aides Leave Dem Campaign Arm After Uproar Over Black and Latino Diversity

    X Story Stream recent articles WASHINGTON (AP) — A mass departure of top aides shook the House Democrats’ campaign arm Tuesday, an exodus that followed complaints from Hispanic and black […]

  • Kamala Harris’ New Health Plan Draws Critics from All Sides

    X Story Stream recent articles WASHINGTON (AP) — Kamala Harris released a health care proposal on Monday that sought to bridge the Democratic Party’s disparate factions. Instead, she drew criticism […]


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  • Open Borders Devalue Citizenship — and the Rights It Affords

    COMMENTARY X Story Stream recent articles Just as inflation can destroy a nation’s currency, so too inflation of another kind can destroy a nation’s citizenry. I’m talking about the Democrat […]

  • Hard of Hearings

    X Story Stream recent articles WASHINGTON — It was utterly delusional for House Democrats to think that compelling former special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before two House committees would […]

  • Mueller's 2-Year Political Hit Job

    X Story Stream recent articles It’s time to investigate the investigators — including liberal lawmakers — who were complicit in a conspiracy to frame President Trump and remove him from […]

  • House Passes Debt Limit and Spending Bill, Sends to Senate

    X Story Stream recent articles WASHINGTON (AP) — Observing a rare cease-fire in their battles with President Donald Trump, the Democratic-controlled House on Thursday easily passed bipartisan debt and budget […]

  • Biden Is Still King of the Moderates — But Will It Last?

    X Story Stream recent articles Throughout this primary season, poll after poll has indicated that Democratic voters are overwhelming focused on finding a candidate who can make Donald Trump a […]

  • Top GOP Senate Campaigns Aren't Rushing to WinRed

    X Story Stream recent articles One week after national Republican Party leaders used strong-arm tactics, threats and legal action to try to force all GOP campaigns onto their preferred online […]

  • America, Google and Me: My Senate Speech

    X Story Stream recent articles Last week, at the invitation of Sen. Ted Cruz, I spoke to the Senate Judiciary Committee about Google’s having placed more than 60 Prager University […]