Month: May 2019

  • Divisions Over Israel Shadow Calif. Democrats' Convention

    X Story Stream recent articles Democratic activists in California have sparked another divisive intra-party debate over inflammatory accusations leveled against the Israeli government at the state party gathering this weekend […]

  • Trump, McCain and Choosing Not to Be a Sore Loser

    X Story Stream recent articles Wednesday night, as I toggled between a televised Washington Nationals game and the Stanley Cup finals, a goofy story lit up my phone. Even in […]

  • Democrats' Phony Cries of Racism Won't Work in 2020

    X Story Stream recent articles Propagandists throughout history have long known that repetition acts as the propellant of falsehoods.  Thus, the Democrat media narrative machine incessantly infects our political dialogue with […]

  • The Fed Hurts Farmers More Than China Does

    X Story Stream recent articles There’s no question that many farmers are struggling this year with incomes down and bankruptcies up. Though some of the more dire reports on the […]

  • The (Political) Case for Impeachment Doesn't Hold Up

    X Story Stream recent articles As a vocal faction of House Democrats tries to pressure Speaker Nancy Pelosi into supporting impeachment of President Trump, it is getting reinforcements from left-leaning […]

  • No Winners in Infrastructure Spat

    X Story Stream recent articles WASHINGTON — Here’s a scary thought about last week’s skirmishes between President Donald Trump and the Democratic leaders formerly known to him as “Chuck and […]

  • Pence's Efforts to Help Iraqi Christians Faces New Threat

    X Story Stream recent articles State Department officials have spent the last week working to reassure Christian and other religious-minority communities in Northern Iraq that the U.S remains committed to […]

  • Hiring An SEO? Hear From Google What SEOs Do

    Matthew Louisville Cloud – SEO – Web Design This Google video “How to hire an SEO” isn’t new but it’s to the point and vital to setting expectations.  I encourage […]

  • Trump Orders Declassification of Obama-Era Russia Probe Intel

    X Story Stream recent articles Democrats leading the impeachment charge against President Trump have repeatedly called on him to justify his assertion that Obama administration officials tried to undermine his […]

  • Trump to Bill Sponsors for Immigrants' Welfare Benefits

    X Story Stream recent articles Anyone sponsoring an immigrant who collects welfare benefits before becoming a legal permanent resident could be on the hook for the bill. That’s according to […]